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Well yesterday was the 1st of July- Canada Day AND the beginning of Miss Teen Canada-World month!!! Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in the Comox Valley Canada Day parade.


Getting ready to start the parade! Behind me is the classic car section.

I was fortunate enough to hitch a ride with this beautiful collector’s Ford.

Sitting with Comox Valley Dignitaries.

As we paraded down 5th Street, many of the children called me a Princesses! I took some photos with some of the kids and signed autographs. After the parade, I attended a short reception and was recognized as a dignitary along side our MP, John Duncan, and MLA, Don McRae.

Being recognized as Miss Teen Comox Valley-World 2012

Being in the Canada Day Parade is just one of many fun jos I get to do as a delegate in the MC-W pageant. I’m having a lot of fun getting ready for the upcoming pageant week; the delegates recently received our “what to bring” list 🙂 It’s a detailed list of what sort of clothes we’ll need. In a nutshell, we have to ALWAYS look our very best. To prepare for my week in Toronto, these are the things I’ll will be doing in the next two weeks:

. Manicure and Pedicure

. Cut and Dye Hair

. Cocktail Dress Shopping

. Tanning

. Staying Fit

There’s a lot of preparation that comes with being a delegate, but it’s all really fun. My goal is to look chic and modern, and lots of people think you have to spend a lot of money to do that, but I’m here to tell you it’s not true. I’m going to go through my list again and let you in on a few money saving secrets 😉 …

Light Pink Nail Polish

Manicure and Pedicure: Nail care can get pricy (especially if you’re an 18 year old college student), so I asked a couple of local spas for inkind sponsorship; free manis and pedis for pageant week! Obviously, it’s hard to receive these benefits if you’re not a delegate so for all you other lovely ladies out there, try giving yourself a mani and pedi! For a simple french tip, paint on a light coat of very light pink. Allow this to dry, and then apply a think white line on the tip. I like to add a base coat and an after coat to make the polish last longer. If you’re nails are unsalvageable, you can buy fake nails at any drug store and apply them yourself. Just make sure you purchase a really strong glue so they last longer. You can file them down to the length you want.

Hair Dye

Cut and Dye Hair: This trick won’t work for everybody, so don’t try this if you haven’t had any practice! I’ve cut my own hair for the pageant. I gave myself side bangs and a light trim, so my hair looks much fuller. Instead of going to a salon to dye my hair, I’m going to dye it myself at home with a simple hair dying kit from any drug store. It won’t be as good quality, but it will still look good.

Cocktail Dress Shopping: Don’t be afraid to shop outside designer dresses. You can find some amazing dresses at local boutiques. It doesn’t have to be brand      name to look nice.

Tanning: This one’s a cinch; instead of fake or spray tanning, just do it the old fashion wayand hit up the beach! Soak up some sun, but just make sure you wear sunscreen. I have a tanning oil sunscreen that’s 10 spf, so I will finish with a nice tan, but no burn.

Soak Up Some Sun!!!!


Staying Fit: If you feel like you can’t afford your seasonal gym pass this summer, don’t worry! A 1/2 hour jog around your neighborhood a day should do the trick. Throw in 50 situps when you get back and you’re good to go.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look nice. It’s all about knowing what looks good on you, and workin’it with confidence.

~ Somer




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