Today I’m about to start an incredible week in Toronto while competing for the title, Miss Teen Canada World-2012. But before I begin, I want tgive some special thank you’s to my family and friends.

First, thank you mom and Joni for supporting me in my financial preparation for the pageant. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. And thanks for helping me plan and execute some of my events! Aka thanks for the pizza mom 🙂 Thanks to everyone on the Island who is wishing me good luck this week! Thank you to John Carroll who has been very encouraging over the past few weeks, even though you tried to ruin my diet 😉

I’d also like to thank my Auntie Jean and my cousin Christine. Thank you having me over these past few days! You two totally spoiled me, and have really made my time here in Toronto amazing thus far.

Thank you to Colleen Hartwell who filmed my Look Good Do Look Feel Good Video, and watched me try on like 40 dresses!

Thank you to my family you have supported me in more ways then one. Thank you Grammy for donating to Free the Children, and Uncle Chuck and Auntie Carroll and my stepmother Christine for donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Thank you to my Great Aunt, Mary Ruth, and everyone else in Cape Breton who is cheering for me. Thank you to everyone in Alberta and Virgina and… (I think I covered everyone) 😉

But I want to give a very special thank you to my boyfriend Jonathan. You have supported me since the moment that I first applied for the pageant. Thank you for coming to provincials, thank you for helping me prepare for the national competition (and putting chocolates in my suitcase) 🙂 Thank you for going to all my events with me, and going around town finding sponsors (I think I dragged you to at least 200 places!). Thank you for going cocktail dress shopping with me! And thank you for telling me I’m beautiful no matter how I place in the competition. <3

I love you guys!

Written by: Somer McNeil

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