Hello everybody! Only 2 days until the Miss Teen Canada-World Competition in Toronto, Ontario begins! I’m having a lot of fun getting ready. As a mini-competition, the delegates were asked to create a TV show that we would star in! I had a lot of fun coming up with some ideas but I finally landed on Teenage Dream; a reality TV show about making people’s dreams come true!

Here’s how it would work: Myself, a regular teenager, travels around Canada responding to calls for help! People will submit requests for me to come and make their dreams come true. For example, if a family can’t afford to send their child to university, they would ask me for help. I would travel to their town or city and fundraise for the child to be able to go to University. Each fundraiser will be unique to the case and the town. The TV Show will be about my struggles organizing and executing an amazing fundraiser. Just when it looks like I won’t be able to make enough money, I pull through at the end and surprise everyone with the amount of money raised. The calls for help can be anywhere from homeless shelters, SPCA’s, teenage parents, orphanages, or just anyone who really needs a hand. The fundraiser’s can be just about anything from collecting donations for a marathon, to hosting a talent gala with all proceeds going to the cause. My co-stars would be the friends, family, or anyone related to the cause of the person who called for help. So my co-stars would change with every episode. Teenage Dream would air once a weeks on Wednesday’s on the CW Network. During the opening credits, Teenage Dream, by Katy Perry, would be playing. Now that I have a great TV show idea, how can I make it happen? I’m going to need some funding. This year, the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant’s sponsors are

Burman Books

The Tickle Trunk

Zack Werner’s Idol School

Aveda Hair School


Me to We Style

Toronto Academy of Acting

Richard Sibbald Photography


Giant Tiger

I chose Me to We Style and The Tickle Trunk. Me to We Style because I want to wear clothes on my show that represent helping others. Me to We, Free the Children strive to bring awareness to young adults about the poverty facing children in developing nations. I would be proud to wear their clothes. The Tickle Trunk because a lot of my fundraisers are going to need some interesting costumes and supplies. My show will demonstrate the variety that The Tickle Trunk has to offer, and it will spark up the show!

Here’s the pitch:

I bet you’re asking yourself, “why should I fund this show. What makes this girl so special?”  To tell you the truth, there are probably lots of shows that have a better idea, or will make more money. But the one thing my show has that many don’t is the main goal of helping others. I’m giving you the chance to be part of an inspirational approach to fundraising; to encourage youth far and wide to fundraise for their community. Making dreams come true one step at a time. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as waving a magic wand; it takes determination, patience, and hard work. But the satisfaction of helping even just one person makes it all worth it.

Check out the poster I designed for the show!

The gang in front of the finished wall, Santa Julia, Nicaragua.

I chose this idea for my dream TV show because my passion is helping others. I’ve travelled to Nicaragua to build a road, donate toys and install water tanks, I’ve

Me and Lucia in Guatemala.

been to Guatemala to donate toys and money; I’ve witnessed poverty at its peak and decided I want to make this world a better place. But since then I’ve learned that poverty doesn’t only exist in developing nations, it also exists here. Many people who live in this community,

The base for one of 3 water tanks.

your community, there community; need help too. That’s what this show is about. Uniting communities in helping others, and each other.

Canadian and Nicaraguan Flags.






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