My dream vacation would be to travel to India for a couple weeks with three of my closest friends; Jonathan, Connor, and Shaleena! We would all fly over there together and stay at a really awesome resort. I chose India because I am very interested in learning about the ancient Indus

Indus Valley Excavation Site.

Valley Civilization. It is located west and northwest India and takes up most of west, South Asia. It was first excavated in the 1920’s but was first described by Charles Masson in 1842. This region is was also home to historic trade routes and vast empires. I’m very interested in the history of ancient India but also the art and architecture of its modern day. I would definitely drag my friend Shaleena

Taj Mahal

to the Taj Mahal ( I’d have to drag her because she’s not really into architecture). India’s blend of Mughal and South Indian architecture have created a mix of local traditions and

Goa Beach

imported styles. Even though Shaleena wouldn’t be interested in that, she would be interested in the beautiful beaches! On my dream vacation, I would definitely want to hit the beach capitol of India, Goa Beach in southern India. Shaleena and I would probably tan and check out any cute guys, and Connor and Jon would go for a dip in the warm waters.  After a hard day’s work sitting around on the beach,

Swimming Pool at the Hotel

we’d all had back to Victor Exotica Beach Resort that’s right on Goa Beach! I would definitely want to try out the spa with Shaleena, although Connor likes the occasional facial as well. 🙂 They have a pool and a swim up bar as well! My friends and I would all hang out there in the evenings for some pool parties!


And of course, the most important part of any vacation, the food! Jon and I absolutely adore India food, so we’d probably try to eat out and locally every night! And try something new every night!

I think it would be a super fun vacation, but mostly because my friends would be with me. We could hang out while exploring the cities and chill together at the resort. It would also make a 15 hour plane ride more enjoyable 🙂

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