So we just finished our third day at the pageant! Yesterday was sooo busy that I didn’t even get a chance to write! We woke up and went straight into hair and make up after breakfast. It took a long time to finish 62 girls, but we managed. Next was the photo shoot; we posed in front Miss Teen Canada-World’s official photographer. It was a lot of fun, but we haven’t seen the pictures yet. 4 girls who have the most photogenic photos will be selected to compete in a high fashion photo shoot. Next was the video interview which was live on the MTC-W website! The video shoot director asked us some personal questions such as most embaressing moments or about our home town. And I fnished off the day with my personal interview infront of a panel of judges. This interview will be scored towards our priliminary scores. I was nervous, but Lauren Howe helped me feel a little better.

Stephanie Joanne

Today was a lot of fun because we got to go to Extreme Fitness to have a workout session with Stephanie Joanne! It was one of the hardest workouts that I’ve ever done! 4 girls were selected to workout on cityline on wednesday; Danica Cox, Savanagh Walker,  Janick Chartrand, and Hailey Kloot. When we got back

All of us at extreme fitness!

to our hotel, we had a long dance rehearsal with our choreographer, Shawn. My feet hurt a lot from the high heels! We also got fitted for our competition swimsuit, dress, and heels! It was a very busy day, but very fun. We finally get to go to bed early tonight!

Dance Rehearsals

Goodnight 🙂

Written by: Somer McNeil

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